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Stagiaire mastère spécialisé TELECOM PARISTECH Paris 13 Gobelins sur aerospatial.enligne-int.com

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RF or Telecom internship

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Date de dernière connexion : 2014-11-21

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91100 Corbeil-Essonnes

Métiers préparés : RF engineer, aerospace engineer, system engineer

75013 Paris 13 Gobelins

Cycle : mastère spécialisé 6eme année
Mastère spécialisé
Dernier niveau d'etudes validé avec diplome : Bac+5
Dernier diplome : Mastère spécialisé Système de Communication à Haut Débit (option système de communication satellitaire et aéroportés)
Niveau d'études actuel : Bac+5
Métiers préparés : RF engineer, aerospace engineer, system engineer

Durée du stage : 6 month
Début du stage :
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Lettre de motivation

Dear Sir, I am writing to apply for the position of intern engineer. As a French student pursuing a degree in Systems Engineering, I am required by my University to complete a practical training in a company abroad. So i'm looking for a 6 month internship.I am currently in the sixth year of an engineering school. My personal strengths include the ability to work hard and to be highly motivated. As a student in telecommunications and aerospace, I have acquired fundamental knowledge of electronics. I am enthusiastic to work on hardware, software or management projects to acquire further practical training. During my years at University, I constantly excelled in radio frequency,telecommunications, IT and electronics. I appreciate the challenges that these courses provide and I found myself totally immersed in technical project management and development. The projects I worked on require excellent technical skills as well as a good organization and the ability to work efficiently within a team. My previous internships and study projects have allowed me to fully utilize my analytical and reasoning skills learned in class. My experience helped me learn to think differently while developing a greater sense of self-confidence. You will find further details about my experience and qualifications in the attached resume. Please feel free to contact me by phone or email for any additional questions. Sincerely



 Currently: Advanced Master program in Communication system broadband with a specialization in
satellite communication system and airborne system – TelecomParistech

 2011-2013: Master of science in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science with a specialization in
Aerospace Systems and Aeronautics – University of Evry Val d’Essonnes

 2010-2011: Bachelor’s degree in Electronics, Electrotechnics and Automatic – University of the
French West Indies and Guiana

 2008-2010: 2-year technology degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science with a specialization in
Electronics – University Institute of Technology of Kourou (French Guiana)

 2007-2008: French high-school diploma -Melkior Garré High School (French Guiana)


2014 Research Project: Comparative Estimation of degradation on the indoor location of a tag in the NLOS


2014 Research Project: design and implementation radar detection system car (radio frequency)
2013: Internship THALES AIR SYSTEM – Integrated Defense Solutions

6 months – cyber securing of a weapon system coordination tactical system

2012 Draft Study: improvement of the dropping of a CANSAT

5 months -partners: CNES, Planète Sciences, Octave, EADS

2011 Draft Study: development of AM/FM modulators and demodulators

3 months – development of electronic boards

03/2010 – 06/2010: Internship CAYANELEC

12 weeks – analog/digital TV channel merger – remote transmission study and repair

Since September 2012: Student job, IT seller, CARREFOUR Evry 2

July 2012: Seasonal job, mail deliveryman-driver for Bank of Paris
2011-2012: Seasonal job, inventory clerk for IVALIS

August 2011: Seasonal job, maintenance technician, airport of French Guiana
1 month – electronics and sensor maintenance technician

July 2011: Seasonal job, power plant Electricity of France

1 month –high current deputy manager – supervision of the maintenance of generating sets

SKILLS English: fluent (TOEIC preparation)Spanish : Operational

Aeronautics and aerospace system: propulsion systems and actuators, automated systems, radio communicators ,
robotic aerial systems , embedded systems, orbit determination , satellite imagery

Electronics : CAD, digital electronics, logic synthesis, power electronics , radio frequency electronics , electronic
system for communication

Telecommunications : signal transmission and processing, digital modulation, RF communication, radar system
Networking: Network layer (IPv4 - IPv6 - RIP- RARP ) , transport layer (TCP / UDP) , application layer ( HTTP ,
IMAP , SMTP PoP3 - DNS- DHCP , Telnet , FTP )

Environments : UNIX, Windows XP/Vista/7, Linux, MAC OS

Computer skills : Microsoft Office, MATLAB / Simulink, CUBASE, LABVIEW, OpenProj, ECLIPSE, ALTIUM,

Programming Language: C / C++, UML, SFC, GEMMA, JAVA

Project management: team management, risk management, cost calculation, corporate law , project management ,


Sports: Member of Courcouronnes boxing club

Miscellaneous: keen on model making, music production


2014 Research project (1 month): Comparative Estimation of degradation on the indoor location of a tag

in the NLOS case

Description: To perform measurements for the performance analysis of "Indoor localization System (ILS)" in a
real indoor environment while Considering three measurement setups.

• Measurement setup 1: Measurement must be done for Line-of-Sight (LOS) case

• Measurement setup 2: First measurement repeated by Will Be Introducing a scatter (a metallic and a wooden
board) for the analysis of multipath effects on the system performance, that 'is, for more LOS multipath box.

• Measurement setup 3: Finally measurement Will Be done for the Non Line-of-Sight (NLOS) case by Adding
an obstacle Between the base station location and the tag

At last, the comparative study done will be measured based on the data for analytical finding Any feasible
Regarding the impact of NLOS designed on the ILS.

2014 Research project (3 month) : construction and testing of electronic map radar detector car (radio

This project, entitled " Design and realization of a radar system to detect vehicles in a parking lot," divided into
two parts.

The first part was to analyze the components datasheets, create their footprints , participate in achieving the wiring
diagram to switch later to complete the PCB of this radar system.

The second part carried out in a laboratory RF consisted of measurements and simulations of PCBs , verify that
the simulations are consistent with data constructors.

2013: Internship THALES AIR SYSTEM - Integrated Defense Solutions

The Land Defence Division designs interoperable solutions for surveillance, mobility , protection, target
acquisition and combat ground forces. Within this division activity Integrated Defense Solutions (IDS) designs,
develops and provides a modular range, interoperable and deployable weapons systems for the protection of
theaters of operations , strategic sites, vehicles and soldiers .

2012 Draft study : improvement of the delivery system of a CANSAT ( bobbin SAT )

CanSat for " Bobbin - Satellite" is a space probe contained in a volume equivalent to a soda.

The CanSat activity results in competitions around the world and that is since 2009, the CNES, in partnership with
Planète Sciences organizes the competition CanSat France .

With CanSat, CNES offers an activity is to design a standalone device dropped to 150 meters and capable of
performing a technical or scientific mission. My project was to achieve a triple width , and instrumented to
provide teams the optimal time of release .

We were 4 for this project and my role was the electronics and instrumentation width.

I used atmospheric pressure sensors, GPS, gyroscope all connected to an Arduino MEGA board .

2011 Draft study (3month): realization of modulator and demodulator AM / FM

Realization of electronic map highlighting the different types of modulation and demodulation AM and FM.


Outils / Logiciels / Méthodes maitrisés : Aéronautique et Système aérospatiaux : systèmes propulsifs et actionneurs, systèmes automatisés, systèmes radio communicants, robotique aérienne, systèmes embarqués, orbitographie, imagerie satellitaire Electronique : CAO, électronique numérique, synthèse logique, électronique de puissance, électronique radiofréquence, système électronique pour la communication Télécommunication : traitement et transmission de signal, modulation numérique, communication radiofréquence, système radar Réseaux : couche réseau (IPv4-IPv6-RIP-RARP), couche transport (TCP/UDP), couche application (HTTP-IMAP-PoP3-SMTP-DNS-FTP-DHCP-Telnet) Environnements : UNIX, Windows XP/Vista/7, LINUX, MAC OS Logiciels maîtrisés : Microsoft Office, MATLAB/SIMULINK, CUBASE, LABVIEW, OPENPROJ, ECLIPSE, ALTIUM, ADS Langage de programmation : C/C++, UML, GRAFCET, GEMMA, JAVA Management de projet : gestion d'équipe, gestion des risques, calcul de coût, droit des entreprises, conduite de projet, qualité

Permis VL, PL, véhicules spéciaux : B

Langues :
Anglais : Courant
Français : Langue maternelle

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